feelin’ grateful

December 7, 2008

This weekend I was feeling particularly ambitious and got a lot of stuff accomplished, many of those being christmas gifts I had been procrastinating on finishing for whatever reason.  One of those things I had been really putting off is making these tye-dyed baby onesies for my friend’s kid.   Mainly because where the hell was I going to tye dye in my apartment without staining everything rainbow.  I mean, I love rainbows and all but I don’t think my landlord would love my design choices dying the carpet or countertops or the walls in the color spectrum.  But Friday night I had nothing to do so I thought what better time to try something potentially destructive!

I finally decided I would just try and do this in the sink, being the most self-contained, non-stainable area in my entire department.  So I tied up all my little onesies, and a shirt for myself, just because isn’t it mandatory to own at least one tie-dyed piece of clothing?


they havent reached their potential yet

So there they are, all tied up.  At this point the pictures stopped, because I was alone and the further I got into this project, the messier it got and more stained my hands were, because genius I am I forgot to get rubber gloves.  After all of the dying, they each went into a plastic grocery bag and sat overnight to marinate – and in the morning after a trip to the washer and dryer, this is how they turned out.

taste the rainbow

taste the rainbow

I love them.  I think they turned out really well, considering I hadn’t tyedyed anything since girl scout camp.  Writing that I realize in my last post I said I hadn’t sewn anything since 8th grade…maybe my craft renaissance is my feeble attempt at recapturing my youth considering I am looking down the barrel at 30 and have little to show for it.

But I digress, I think these onesies are adorable.  Parents, dress your little ones like hippies, its totally cute, and they can’t complain, they know not what you do.  And remember kids, wear gloves when tie dying!

dont let this happen to you

don't let this happen to you

One Response to “feelin’ grateful”

  1. Liz Says:

    Those are awesome! You should sell them, there can be hippie babies everywhere!!! Even for those who hate hippies, how can you not think a baby hippie is cute?!

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