rail fence

December 10, 2008

quilt close up

quilt close up

I actually finished this quilt last weekend, after the tie dye onsies, but I was debating wether or not I was going to post about it because I made this for my mom for Christmas.   But since I haven’t given my mom the link to my blog yet, I figured I would just wait until after I  give it to her to let her know I have a blog.

This quilt is the first “bigger-than-a-baby-size” traditional quilt I have made.   Before I started my blog, my first “big” quilt was actually for my friends Mischa and Chrystina as a wedding gift.   Since Mischa is such a video game fan, I tried making the ubiquitous video game quilt.  If you want to know more about that you can read about it in my craftster.org post.  It was a fun project and I would like to do more video game quilts in the future.   Maybe BurgerTime, my all time favorite classic video game.

somehow, i dont think this would work

somehow, i don't think this would work

More likely, I would like to do Q-Bert.  I have seen many awesome Q-Bert inspired quilts, and I would love to try now that I am getting much better at piecing and I think I could handle the tumbling blocks that the Q-bert pyramid is made from.   A particularly inspiring and awesome Q-bert quilt can be found on this girl’s Flickr page.

But back to my mom’s rail fence quilt.  Since I am still relatively new at quilting, my confidence can be lacking, which is why I haven’t ventured into making quilt blocks quite yet.  This was done using strip piecing, which essentially is sewing long strips of fabric together and then cutting blocks from that to sew together to make the quilt top.  It went really fast, which is nice, because I like to see progress before I get too frustrated or discouraged and give up.

the finished quilt front

the finished quilt front

I am really happy with how the “rails” line up, one of the biggest challenges in quilting is the precision involved.  It can be a pain in the ass, but I feel like at the same time I’m getting something out of having to be that meticulous.  It really puts you in the moment, applying those Buddhist principals of Mindfulness, being present, paying attention…everything I was taught in all my yoga classes that I never really understood how to use outside of the yoga studio.  Making this quilt has helped me to understand those principals, and I find when I am sewing I really just enter the “flow” I lose track of time, and I am happy.

back of quilt, i love the scrap strip to ad interest

back of quilt, i love the scrap strip to add interest

So while this quilt was made as a gift, the process of making it gave back to me.

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