eco-friendly gifts for the over-caffienated

December 11, 2008

much cuter than brown paper

much cuter than brown paper

Did you know that 1 Person + 1 Sleeve per day = 5.5 Lbs Garbage/Year?  When you add it up, those little paper cuffs create a lot of unnecessary waste.   A reusable coffee cuff is a quick and easy gift to make for your coffee-loving friends and family.

all you need

all you need

Basically all I did to make these was loosely trace a Starbuck’s cuff so I had the coffee cuff shape and size to fit a standard cup.  After that I sewed right sides together, turned right side out, topstitched, and attached a little velcro circle to the ends to close the cuff.  That’s it!  I made 5 of these last night and it took less than an hour.  I think this is a great last minute gift since they are so simple to make.  And best of all, they were completely made with leftover fabric from my stash, the exteriors are heavy home-dec weight and the linings are fleece.    Your friends (and the earth) will thank you!

cute and enviromentally friendly

cute and enviromentally friendly

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  1. ChristineI Says:

    i love these!! 🙂 🙂

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