the christmas cooking has begun

December 15, 2008

delicious mouse party

delicious mouse party

I started my Christmas baking/candymaking extravaganza this weekend.  I had wanted to make these for a while after seeing the post on Craftster.  They turned out so cute, and they are delicious! NOM.  I made 2 jars of cherries worth of these little guys.

They are made from a maraschino cherry with the stem, dipped in melted chocolate chips, quickly attached to a Hershey’s kiss with the slivered almonds slipped in between.  I won’t say its not messy, but it’s an easy, fun project with delicious results.  I will say it helps a lot to have all your mise en place laid out before you start.  (lay your cherries out on a paper towel, unwrap all your kisses, have your almonds ready, etc.)

I will probably have a lot more food-related posts in the days leading til Christmas, I have dozens of cookies to make, a pumpkin tiramisu, and I am really excited about sharing a holiday tradition in my family, an italian candy called torrone, which  I am attempting for the first time this year.  Stay tuned!

One Response to “the christmas cooking has begun”

  1. Emmy Says:

    You really saved my skin with this inroamftion. Thanks!

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