cookie party

December 21, 2008

Last Thursday my friends and I got together at Jess’s house to decorate cookies.  I brought sugar cookies, Holly brought gingerbread men, and Jess wanted to make a gingerbread house.  We had a great time decorating all the cookies and drinking wine.  It was so much fun to get together and just relax and have a good time.  The cookies and the house turned out great and it was a good excuse to spend some time together since everyone has been so busy lately, we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like.

melissa decorating santa

melissa decorating santa

Melissa has a real talent for decorating cookies.  Her’s came out so much better than mine, so most of the cookies I took pictures of were the ones she did.

Jess howing off her house building skillz

Jess showing off her house building skillz

I can’t believe how fast Jess got this house built.  By the time we finished half the cookies, she was almost done!  Not long after I took this picture, Baby Charlotte got hungry so I finished it for her.

I did the yardwork and the scallop on the roof

I did the yardwork and the scallop on the roof

We all decided this was way more fun than the cookie swaps we’ve done in years past, so I think we just started a new tradition.

2 Responses to “cookie party”

  1. abrandnewcolony Says:

    A cookie party!? Great idea, your pictures make me want to plan one myself 😀

  2. Jessica Says:

    Your pictures make me hungry for cookies 😉

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