more cookies

December 22, 2008

i love the sparkle on the pb cookies

i love the sparkle on the pb cookies

I was on a baking frenzy this weekend.  Along with making candy, which I will post about tomorrow, I also made about 10 dozen cookies and a pumpkin tiramisu, which is sitting in the freezer for Christmas dinner.  I made chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip ( I picked up the wrong bag of chips!), and peanut butter cookies.  Good thing I like peanut butter!  I used the classic Tollhouse Cookie recipe for the chip cookies, which can be found here, and I used this really great peanut butter cookie recipe, which made really nice chewy cookies.  I did make some changes with the peanut butter cookie recipe,  I substituted the butter flavored shortening for another stick of butter and I rolled the balls in sugar before baking. Paula Deen approves.   I was really happy with how they turned out.  After all that baking, I had no desire to even try the cookies, so when Sarah came over Saturday I asked her taste test everything and she gave them the thumbs up.

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