my first attempt at improvisational piecing

July 22, 2009

Not too bad, for my first attempt!

Not too bad, for my first attempt!

After looking at all the super-interesting wonky log cabin blocks people have been making for virtual quilting bees or for their own quilts, I finally decided to try my hand at it.   Although it may be surprising to people who know me, it was difficult for me to imagine working on something without clear cut instructions on how to do it.  Up until this point, I have really depending on cut and dry instructions on how to do things, even if I do end up modifying them somewhat, it is comforting to know you are doing something that has a definite end result.  But at the same time, looking at all the all the scrappy wonky log cabin blocks on Flickr, I really fell in love with them.   I like how each one is unique, and how even with the same fabrics, you can get a different result every time.  I wasn’t sure how to start, but I found a great tutorial which was a jumping off point for me.  Once I finally got over the insecurity of making something up on my own, making this block was not nearly as difficult as I initially thought.  Once again, I mad let what I think is going to be an impossible feat (see free motion quilting) keep me from trying something I really want to do!  I need to have more confidence in my abilities and take those risks, however small they may be, because in the end those things end up enriching my crafts, and make me better at them.  I used some leftover scraps from my medocino quilt, and while I don’t have enough to make more than a couple more 9.5 ” blocks like this one, I will have plenty of new scraps from the stacked coin quilt I am working on for my goddaughter’s 1st birthday!

One Response to “my first attempt at improvisational piecing”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    wow, looks like you did a pretty good job for your first time. 🙂

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