bee pieceful

August 11, 2009

I joined my first virtual quilting bee. Its called Bee Pieceful and everyone in my group seems to be wayyyy more advanced than I am. I am having major feelings of inadequacy, but I guess that will just make me work harder at getting better at this.   I just sent this block to its owner yesterday, but I posted it to the group before I mailed.  I got some encouraging comments, but I still can’t help feeling bad about my block.  It was my first time trying triangles, and I didn’t really know what I was doing so there’s a lot of places where things didn’t line up quite right.  It was supposed to turn out 12.5 inches, but after all my mistakes with measuring or sewing (i’m not sure) I ended up having to trim it down to 9.5 and then add that wonky border so it came out the right size.   I am really not happy with my work, but I did not have enough scraps to make a new one to send her.  This was a big learning experience, so hopefully next month I will feel better about what I make.  The ladies have been really nice to me, so whatever they think about it, they haven’t made me feel bad.  It is a great group and I’m glad they let me join.

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