Audrey’s quilt is halfway done

August 12, 2009

close up of the top

close up of the top

Actually, all I have left is to do the binding, yesterday I made the quilt sandwich and quilted it.  I even attempted to hide Audrey’s name in the quilting! It looks like when you first learn to write cursive, but it is legible, and I think its cute.  But here are the photos of the finished quilt top and back.  I really like how this turned out!

finished top

finished top

finished back

finished back

I used 22 different fabrics for the coins, there’s a little bit of everything in there,  and the back was a yard of Michael Miller Far East Florals Blossom in peony.  The finished size is about 45″x60″ .  The best part about this quilt was that I did not buy anything new to make it, it was all from my stash, including the batting!  I am still debating what I am going to use for the binding, it may have to be two different fabrics because I am not sure I have enough of one to go all the way around.  I’ll have to figure that out tonight, because this is the last day I have time to finish this before I go up to deliver it!

One Response to “Audrey’s quilt is halfway done”

  1. Pam Marcheschi Says:

    What a wonderfully vibrant quilt. All the colors work so well together and the white sets off everything perfectly. There is not a more precious gift than one made with your special talents and your time. I think quilting is the perfect outlet for your creativity and I look forward to seeing your next project! Happy quilting!

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