Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008


my pet society friend noodle is celebrating early

I am still recovering from all the holiday festivities, but I will be back after January 1 with lots of projects! Being away from work has given me time to think about what I want to do next, and I’ve been really inspired! I can’t wait to share my projects with everyone next year, and I look forward to my blog growing in 2009! Have a great new year!

a blog is born

December 5, 2008

I haven’t had a blog in a long time.   Those old blogs from my early 20s were so pretensious, filled with terrible self-indulgent writing…trying so hard to be the most obtuse, gratuitous, elitist little hipster with a blog ever. (no easy feat)   But the older I got, the less and less frequently I updated until eventually they were abandoned.  I was not that person anymore.  I didn’t feel the need to tell the world the minutae of my life.   I privatized.

So why now?  Why start a new blog?  Well, because I got a hobby! One that doesn’t  involve American Apparel and Sparks and weeknights at dive bars and 2 hours of sleep before going to work in the morning.  Not saying that wasn’t fun (it was)

Earlier this year while I was laid off (again.  thanks, tech sector),  my brother’s wife was soon to be having a baby, and I decided I wanted to do something special.  I wanted to make something.  I asked my mom for her sewing machine and brought it home.  I hadn’t sewed since 8th grade home ec!  But I was determined.  I made a little blankie/toy hybrid.  I called it a snuggle bunny.  Here it is:

a little bunny blankie

a little bunny blankie

It was by no means perfect, but I was hooked.  I started making things!  Purses!  Stuffed animals!  Dog Beds! A QUILT.  And gave it all (save for a purse) away.  Its hard to explain the pure joy I feel when I give someone something I have made and they tell me “Wow! You MADE this!?” – its a mixture of happiness and pride and excitement that I just love – its addictive.

So basically the reason why I’m doing this blog is because I feel like  I am doing something worth blogging about.  I want to share what I create with everyone!  And unlike my younger self’s blogging exploits – I think this time I’m doing something positive and worthy of attention.   So is my craft obsession blog worthy?  I guess I will find out soon enough!