snow day!

January 28, 2009

the view outside my apartment window

the view outside my apartment window

Today I got to “work from home” because last night it snowed 12.5 inches in Indianapolis.  I started out the morning trying to dig out my car but gave up and called my boss.  She said to stay home, and I was more than happy to do that.  I sat around most of the morning working remotely, but it didn’t seem there was a lot going on so I started working on my Ohio Sky brick path quilt.

I got all of the rows done!  I really felt revitalized and happy today.  A snow day does a body good.  I decided to just use some unbleached muslin I had in my stash to make the extra blocks I needed. I ended up only needing 6 extra blocks so I guess I miscounted before but still –  I shouldnt have needed any.   I’m also really happy that I was finally able to take a photo in natural sunlight so you can really see how pretty the fabrics are.  They really are my favorite colors and I cannot wait to get this thing done!

its getting there!

its getting there!

I did get about 3 of these rows sewed together.  I may do more later, or I might wait until the weekend.  I’ve got some other things I need to do around the house today now that I have time.  I’ll see how it goes.

Also tomorrow, I am so excited to share with you the awesome banner and avatar my friend Christine made for my etsy shop!  Snow day was nice and all, but really it was seeing what an amazing job she did for me that really got my creativity flowing again.  Thank you Christine!  You are truly amazing.

steady as she goes

January 21, 2009

its a start

it's a start

I did finally start sewing my ohio sky brick path quilt.    I’ve only done 2 rows so far, so there’s 16 more to go before I can start piecing the rows together.   I think besides my January blues and crushing unmotivation to do much of anything, I’ve had a lot of problems technically with this quilt.  Funny because I was just saying a few posts down how easy and fast this would be!

The first problem was that the fat quarters of fabric that I ordered from a fabric website to do this were cut totally crooked, and once I squared them and started cutting blocks instead of getting 12 blocks per fat quarter, I ended up only getting 6-9, with the rest being like 4″x7″…so there is a lot of blocks that are too small to use on this.  They won’t go to waste, I’ll use them to do baby quilts, but it was super irritating.

Then after I had sewed these two rows together, I didn’t really trust my randomness in picking the fabrics out of a bag to sew together, so I decided to pick the rows and have them ready to sew ahead of time.  Thats that large stack of blocks above my lonely rows.  Well , when I counted the number of stacks I had, guess what…I’m one short  I’m so angry!

So that pretty much halted everything as I was so disgusted at these stupid crooked fat quarters and all those wasted blocks I just lost any sort of inspiration I had to continue on this thing.

So I have two options, go to a joanns and try to find a fabric (a solid maybe?) that would coordinate  that I could mix into the other blocks to finish, or the other idea  I had was to just use the too small blocks and make a top and bottom row, but I think that will look kindof stupid, so I dont really want to do that either.  So any advice would be greatly appreciated!

will I ever finish?

will I ever finish?

I try to appreciate the irony in a project so simple has become this completely arduous task, but right now, its hard to find the humor.  I just wanted to get this done…hopefully after this weekend and a trip to joanns, I will be back on track.