Christmas fabric

September 11, 2009

michael millers funky Christmas

michael miller's funky Christmas

Part of me thinks it is way too early to think about Christmas, but really, if you plan on making something for the holidays, you pretty much need to start doing it now so it will be done in time to actually be used as decorations for the holidays.  I’m planning on doing an advent calendar and tree skirt.  Hopefully I am not trying to be too ambitious!  I’m sure there’s some Christmas gifts that I will want to make too.

Charlotte’s quilt

August 21, 2009

a peek of front and back

a peek of front and back

It’s my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party on Saturday so I decided on the spur of the moment to make a quilt for her.  Mainly because everyone was asking me what I was making for her, and all I could say was “I bought her some clothes!.”  This was probably the fastest quilt I have completed so far.  I started on Tuesday and was finished by Wednesday just working on it when I got home from work.  Mostly because there was not a lot of cutting involved.  Cutting out the pieces is not my favorite part of the process, it gets tedious and you have to pay so much attention to make sure everything is precise.  I was so tired of using pink, the last two quilts I’ve made have been mostly pink quilts, so I wanted to do something not pink, and also using only what I had in my stash.  So I was looking through what I had and came across this Michael Miller Ginger Blossom fabric that I had and realized that it was mostly made up of the colors in my friend’s house.  So I decided I would make a baby quilt that they could throw on the floor or over the couch and it would match its surroundings!  I added in the Midwest Modern poppies,  sky blue Carnaby Street fabric and Olive Rose Curves in emerald to brighten it up.  At first, like with Audrey’s quilt, I wasn’t sure if I made good decisions picking out fabrics for this quilt.  I was thinking it was going to be ugly.  Even when I finished the top and back, I still had my doubts.

At this point I was thinking This could quite possibly turn out to be the ugliest thing Ive made so far

At this point I was thinking "This could quite possibly turn out to be the ugliest thing I've made so far"

But once I got the sandwich together and started quilting, I began to like it more.  And once it was washed and came out of the dryer, I liked it a lot.  And it goes great with my couch!

If I had more of this fabric left over, I probably would have made a bigger version of this for myself!

If I had more of this fabric left over, I probably would have made a bigger version of this for myself!

I’m  glad I’ve been making these quilts lately using materials I already have.  Its nice and economical when money is tight, and still makes an impressive gift!  Although the next project I am working on I had to buy all new fabric for.  I love getting new fabric, but sometimes its nice to just use what you have when you are feeling poor, and I am feeling poor right now.  But on the brightside, I got a bunch of different prints  in the Joel Dewberry Deer Valley line, and I am going to be using Oh, Fransson’s mixtape quilt pattern with it, so I think its going to turn out pretty awesome.  Just waiting for the fabric to get here so I can get started!